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Are you ready to expand your business into the virtual world?
Here's what's happening.
Right now there is a market shift in the virtual world and those who are ready with a social media marketing plan will be positioned to succeed in their marketplace. However, it can be somewhat overwhelming.

The Problem is that...
Most businesses lack the time and expertise to create a social media marketing plan that gets results. This is when I get the call. What I do is use my Social Media Attention Re-engagement Technique that gets more eyes on their business and improves their conversion. I call it The S.M.A.R.T. Process™️.

If you want to reduce the overwhelm of creating a social media marketing plan all by yourself AND avoid the frustration from over-spending on advertising with little to no results -- Then here's what you do...

The solution.
What you'll need to start with is a virtual marketing plan that will position you as the go-to-business in your industry. There are 3 main components to include in your virtual marketing plan; live streaming, automation, and online branding.

Here's why.

  • Live streaming video has become the normal way to communicate and engage. Just take a look at one of the biggest push into the virtual world with this unprecedented pandemic. The entire world is relying on virtual social engagement. Zoom meetings, Google meet video and Facebook are all taking a huge chunk on this market shift. What's stopping you from doing the same?
  • Automation has become easier than ever with virtual communication systems. This includes having a response sequence to interact with your potential buyers. Besides, you know how busy you'll get when running your own business. Having an automated response system will allow you to focus on doing what you enjoy most.
  • Online Branding is a digital marketing technique to position your business as the leader in your industry. We can all learn from the marketing story of T-mobile and their #uncarrier movement. They shaped the entire mobile industry as we know it and they did it with the power of online branding. You and your business can do the same to help connect your customers with your brand.
So what's next?
In this unprecedented time in history, preparation is the key to ride this virtual marketing wave of opportunity. Until further notice, you can watch me live on Facebook every week Monday thru Friday 10am EST (7am Pacific) for marketing tips. You can follow me on my Facebook page at

Ride this wave of opportunity. Don't miss it!
Eddie Sand "The Optimistic Marketer"

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Eddie Sand is the Optimistic Marketer creator of the S.M.A.R.T. Process™️. He has 20 years experience in sales, internet marketing and personal development. He is also a motivational speaker who enjoys helping people find their full potential in life and business.